Cottage - Vrba (Willow)

Cottage "Vrba" (Willow)

Vrba offers you the view of the pond and the entire estate of Moslavacka prica. Since willow is a symbol of elegance, beauty and health, this house has the right to bear its name.

Cattage - Agacia (Acacia)

Cottage "Agacia" (Acacia)

While staying at Agacia you will feel its spirituous scent. The specialty of this vacation house is the nearness of a forest and the extensiveness of the outside area where you can spend pleasant times in nice weather.

Cottage - Lipa (Linden)

Cottage "Lipa" (Linden)

Linden is a Slavic tree, depicted in works of literature and celebrated in verses of famous poets. Our Lipa and its interior will tell you stories about the cultural and historical heritage of Moslavina. 

Hunting lodge - Jelengaj

Hunting lodge "Jelengaj"

A hidden ace of the estate of Moslavacka prica is Lovacki dom Jelengaj, a house in the nature where one is totally detached from the rest of the estate, but still everything is handy within a few minutes.

If you wish to spend your vacation in the peaceful surroundings of the forest, flowers and animals, with excellent food and drinks, situated in old houses with all the comfort and superior equipment, visit Moslavina, come to Moslavacka prica (Moslavian story) and experience your own story, which you will tell to your family and friends.The Martinac family from Obedisce is an example of nurturing love, companionship and devotion and passing them from one generation to another. A part of their family history and heritage is unselfishly shown and given to us through Moslavian Story. 

Moslavacka prica consists of four detached traditional houses. Each house of Moslavacka prica (Moslavian story) represents the original architectural heritage of this area which has been transferred to our Gaj (grove) from closer and farther surroundings. In this area common oak has been used in architecture since ancient times, and the method of construction has depended on the place or the location, and the heritage of old constructors of wooden houses in Moslavina.Since ancient times, here in the architecture was used red oak, a construction method depended on the town, place,or position and heritage of builders of wooden houses in Moslavina.

A playground has been set up for our youngest guests to have fun and enjoy in the greenery and healthy environment using entertaining and eco toys and devices under your supervision.

Five -a- side football
For those a bit older but in a good shape, Moslavacka prica offers a five-a-side football field. Selection, rules and duration of the game are all up to you!

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Home recipies

We'll share with you some recipes of authentic homemade dishes from Moslavina that are often found on family tables in our region. We hope you’ll enjoy them, and you can taste all the variety of flavor and ...

Moslavačka priča - obiteljska priča


When you hear the word safari, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is an adventurous journey through the wilderness of Africa. But you will be surprised with our offer here in Moslavina. 

Moslavačka priča - obiteljska priča

Winter in the countryside

Below Moslavina mountains in a quiet grove, listening to the singing of the birds and the smells surrounding forest, dream your dreams, and your vacation bring to the others by telling the story, our Moslanina story...

Moslavačka priča - obiteljska priča